Available music lessons:

  • Electric guitar
  • Classical guitar
  • Acoustic guitar lessons
  • Bass guitar lessons
  • Music theory
  • Music technology

Lessons are available for all ages and abilities (beginner to advanced) and cover many music styles (rock, pop, metal, alternative, fusion, funk, classical etc). Emphasis will be given on the style the student favors the most and his/her personal goals.


It is up to the student if s/he wants to take exams. Any music examination is a proper motivational tool to force a little bit more practicing time and dedication. It is not necessary for all people, yet always beneficial. The international graded music exams I prepare the students for are:

  • Rockschool (electric guitar)
  • Rockschool (acoustic guitar)
  • Rockschool (bass guitar)
  • Trinity College London (plectrum guitar)
  • Trinity College London (classical guitar)
  • ABRSM – Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London (music theory)

Be encouraged!

Before embarking on this journey of music education, you must realize that you will get discouraged at times! You will get frustrated and will want your skills to progress much faster. Welcome to the club. Every musician wants things to move faster than they typically do. The greatest guitarists/musicians have all felt these frustrations and have also felt, at times, that they were not ‘cut out’ for guitar. Nothing comes easy and if it did we wouldn’t appreciate it as much. Be encouraged, little by little you’ll get there and remember, the journey never ends: there’s always more to learn.


For the lessons the student needs to bring his/her instrument of choice and a music notebook. Everything else will be provided, no need for amplifiers, cables, pedalboards etc. For the very first lessons, a student may come without an instrument, to get guidance on what to purchase and where from, based on budget.

For more information and for the tuition fees please contact:

  • Tel: 99778399
  • Email: stefanos.koutelis@yahoo.com

No registration fees